Storytelling photographer located in Idaho Falls, ID & Salt Lake City,UT.


      There are many moments in my life that suddenly stopped time. The night my husband told me he loved me. The day we got married. & giving birth to my children. Each one literally FROZE time, at least for me it did. I can think back to each of these memories and remember every bit of the story. I even try to keep up with them by writing in my journal. Granted, I am nowhere near perfect at doing this. But I am GREAT at filling up my phone with 4,000 images of my cute kiddos! To me, these pictures show dozens of frozen moments that I can constantly look back at. This is why storytelling plays a HUGE role in my photography style. The imagery captured is supposed to evoke emotions. It should make us excited, laugh, and even cry. These images are meant for us to freeze time again so we can re-live that tender memory. xo -c